GO.38 implementation of AAS as it is in prc-2010

Implementation of AAS as it is in PRC-2010

  1. i. The existing Special Grade,
    continued with the Special Grade after 6 years,
    SPPIA/SAPP-IA after 12 years,
    SPP-IB/SAPP-IB after 18 years
    and SPPII/SAPP-II after 24 years.
  2. If service rules are amended prescribing additional qualifications for
    promotion the Commission recommends that the existing incumbents may
    be exempted from possession of such higher qualifications for
    appointment to Special Promotion posts under Automatic Advancement
  3. The benefit of pay fixation under F.R.22-B be continued on promotion
    even if the employee had derived the benefit under SG or SPP I-A and
    SPP I-B and if this results in the senior drawing less pay than the junior,
    the pay of the senior be stepped up to that of the junior subject to the
    conditions enumerated in G.O.Ms. No.297, Fin. (PRC-I) Dept., dated: 25-10-1983.
  4. Where service rules are relaxed to enable regular promotion, they should
    be automatically extended to the Automatic Advancement Scheme for
    purposes of extending the benefit of SPP-IA / SPP-II.
  5. In certain categories like Attender, Dafedar, Jamedar and Record
    Assistants or Roneo Operators, it was decided that the services rendered by
    them in these categories together shall be reckoned for purpose of
    Automatic Advancement Scheme. The commission recommended for
    continuation of this special dispensation.
  6. The benefit of Automatic Advancement Scheme may be continued upto
    and inclusive of Grade-XXV in the revised scales i.e., Rs.49,870-1,00,770.
  7. The Scheme shall be deemed to have come into force on and from 01.07.2013.
    The salary as per the pay fixation under this scheme in the Revised Pay Scales, 2015
    will be paid in cash from the month of March, 2015, payable in April, 2015. As
    regards the arrears of pay fixations as per the A. A. Scheme in the Revised Pay
    Scales, 2015 from 02-06-2014 to 28-02-2015, orders will be issued separately.

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