GO.51 RPS-2015 affected to the pensioner’s minimum pension

Revised Pay Scales with effect from July 01, 2013 – Sanction
of Consolidated Pension/ Family Pension

  1. the existing Pension/Family Pension, in respect of those retired or died while
    in service prior to July 01, 2013, and in the case of family pensioners who
    are in receipt of Family pension as on July 01, 2013, sh a l l be
    consolidated, by adding 43% of basic Pension/ basic Family Pension a s
    fitment and merging the Dearness Relief @ 63.344% admissible on July 01,
    2013. It shall be known as the Revised Consolidated Basic Pension/ Revised
    Consolidated Basic Family Pension.
  2. This Revised Consolidated Basic Pension or Revised Consolidated Basic
    Family Pension shall come into force with effect from July 01, 2013,
    notionally. The monetary benefit shall be allowed with effect from
    June 02, 2014.
  3. As regards the arrears on account of consolidation of Pension/Family
    pension/Financial Assistance from June 02, 2014 to March 31, 2015, orders
    will be issued separately. The consolidated Pension/Family Pension shall be
    paid in cash from the month of April 2015 onwards
  4. The Interim Relief paid from January 01, 2014 to June 01, 2014 shall not be
    recovered. The Interim Relief paid for the period beyond June 02, 2014, shall be adjusted
    from the monetary benefit payable on account of revision of consolidated basic pension consolidated basic family pension
  5. The Dearness Relief shall be rounded off to the next higher rupee. These orders
    are applicable to:
    a. All Government Pensioners governed by A.P. Revised Pension Rules, 1980
    b. Service pensioners who retired or died prior to July 01, 2013.
    c. Family pensioners who are in receipt of pension as on July 01, 2013.
    d. Provisional Pensioners and Anticipatory Pensioners.
  6. In respect of pensioners whose Revised Consolidated Basic Pension/ Revised
    Consolidated Basic Family Pension falls short of Rs.6,500 per month, the same shall be
    raised to Rs.6,500 per month.
  7. In respect of pensioners drawing two pensions viz. Service Pension and Family
    Pension, both pensions shall separately be eligible for enhancement to a minimum of
    Rs.6,500 per month. The employed Family Pensioner shall be entitled for payment of
    Dearness Relief on Family Pension irrespective of the fact that he/ she is getting
    Dearness Allowance on his/ her pay. This provision, however, shall not be applicable to the Government employees who are appointed on compassionate grounds.

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