GO-63 Transfers of Employees of AP. Further Orders

Transfer and Postings of AP Employees -Further orders –

  1. AP Government has issued guidelines and instructions for transfer and right placement of employees duly relaxing the ban on transfer of employees imposed in reference first read above for the period from May 18 to 31’ 2015.
  2. Government has taken a decision to conduct the ‘JanmaBhumi-Maavuru’ programme in the first week of June, 2015 and the movement of employees during this period is likely to cause large scale administrative inconvenience in implementing the above programme.
  3. Therefore, the Government after careful consideration, hereby order that movement of employees due to transfers, postings made in pursuance of the orders in the references second to fourth read above upto midnight of May 31, 2015 be frozen with immediate effect, and the process shall recommence on June 09, 2015 and shall be completed by the mid-night of June 15, 2015 duly following the guidelines, instructions issued in the references second to fifth read above.
  4. All transferring authorities shall follow the guidelines mentioned in G.Os. second to fifth read above.
  5. However, in respect of Kadapa and Nellore districts, the orders in para three above will be subject to the orders of the Honourable High Court of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh in W.P. No. 15087 of 2015 and W.P. No. 15108 of 2015 respectively.

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