AP Inter Exams Time table 2024 1st Year 2nd Year IPE exams dates Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh IPE Inter Exams Time table 2024 1st Year 2nd Year Exams dates

Andhra Pradesh Inter 1st and 2nd Year Time Tables 2024 Released Download @ bie.ap.gov.in Ap Inter time table 2024 1st Year 2nd Year Ipe exams dates Andhra Pradesh Ap Inter Exams time table 2024 1st Year 2nd Year dates Andhra Pradesh: Ap Inter Exam Time Table, IPE 2024,Inter First Year, Second Year Exam Time Table, Hall ticket, Results Download, Inter Exam Schedule, Inter Exam dates, Ap Inter Annual/Public Exam Time Table 2024, Hall Ticket Ap, Result Ap Download. Ap Inter time table 2024 1st Year 2nd Year Ipe exams dates Andhra Pradesh: The Ap Intermediate Board Time Table 2024 for Junior Inter(1st year) & Senior Inter(2nd year ) will publish on the Inter Board official website of Andhra Pradesh. Students who are looking for the Ap Board Intermediate Time Table 2024 can check the Andhra Pradesh State Board Class 12th Exam Date Sheet, Ap inter time table 2024 . The Andhra Pradesh Intermediate Board will announce the Intermediate annual Examination Time Table 2024 in the Month of December Last week. May be inter exams will start in the Month of March First week 2024.

According to the AP Inter Exam Date 2024, Exams for AP Inter Exams 2024 will take place between March 1 and March 15, 2024. The AP Inter Exam Date 2024 of the inter-practical exams are February 5, 2024, through February 20, 2024. Additionally, it should be mentioned that there will be two shifts for the exams. The first shift is scheduled to run from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., and the second shift from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

AP Inter Exams Time table 2024

Board of Intermediate Examination (BIE),Andhra Pradesh will be released the class 11th and class 12th intermediate board exam time table 2024, Ap inter time table 2024 released in the month December of 2024. Andhra Pradesh Intermediate Annual Exams Dates announced by the inter education board officials, As per exam Schedule, Inter Exams The 2nd year inter exam 2024 will be conducted in the same Centers from 9:00 am to 12 :00 noon. Ap/Andhra Pradesh Intermediate 1st,2nd Year Exam Time Table 2024

AP Inter 1st year IPE exam time table 2024

1st March 2024 : (Part II) 2nd Language paper I
4th March 2024 : English paper I
6th March 2024 : Mathematics Paper IA / Botany paper I/ Civics paper I
9th March 2024 : Mathematics paper IB/ Zoology paper I/History paper I
12th March 2024 : Physics paper I/Economics paper I/ Classical language paper I
14th March 2024 : Chemistry paper I/ Commerce paper I
16th March 2024 : Public Administration paper I / Bridge Course Math’s paper I (For Bi.P.C Students)
19th March 2024 : Modern language paper I/ Geography paper I

Date First Year Examination Subject Name
01-03-2024 Part-II: 2nd Language paper-I
04-03-2024 Part- I: English Paper-I
06-03-2024 Part- III: Mathematics paper- IA,
Botany Paper- I,
Civics Paper-I
09-03-2024 Mathematics Paper- IB,
Zoology Paper-I,
History Paper-I
12-03-2024 Physics Paper-I,
Economics Paper-I
14-03-2024 Chemistry Paper-I,
Commerce Paper-I,
Sociology Paper-I,
Fine Arts,
Music Paper-I
16-03-2024 Public Administrator Paper-I,
Logic Paper-I,
Bridge Course Math’s Paper-I (For Bi.P.C students)
19-03-2024 Modern language paper- I, Geography paper- I

AP Inter 2nd year IPE exam time table 2024

2nd March 2024 : 2nd language paper II
5th March 2024 : English paper II
7th March 2024 : Mathematics Paper IIA / Botany paper II/ Civics paper II
11th March 2024 : Mathematics paper IIB/ Zoology paper II/History paper II
13th March 2024 : Physics paper II/Economics paper II/ Classical language paper II
15th March 2024 : Chemistry paper II/ Commerce paper II
18th March 2024 : Public Administration paper II/ Bridge Course Math’s paper II (For Bi.P.C Students)
20th March 2024 : Modern language paper II/ Geography paper II

Date Second Year Examination Subject Name
02-03-2024 Part-II: 2nd Language Paper-II
05-03-2024 Part- I: English Paper-II
07-03-2024 Part- III: Mathematics paper- II,
Botany Paper- II,
Civics Paper-II
11-03-2024 Mathematics Paper- IIB,
Zoology Paper-II,
History Paper-II
13-03-2024 Physics Paper-II,
Economics Paper-II
15-03-2024 Chemistry Paper-II,
Commerce Paper-II,
Sociology Paper-II,
Fine Arts, Music Paper-II
18-03-2024 Public Administrator Paper-II,
Logic Paper-II,
Bridge Course Math’s Paper-II (For Bi.P.C students)
20-03-2024 Modern Language Paper-II, Geography Paper-II

AP Inter Practical Exam time table 2024

The BIEAP intermediate practical exams will be conducted from February 11 to February 20 for General Courses and Intermediate vocational courses will be held from February 5 to February 20.
The AP Inter practical examinations will be held in two sessions, from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm.
The above dates apply to both the General Intermediate Course and Vocational course. However, the time table for the vocational course will be released separately.

AP Inter Exam Important Points :

a. Ethics and Human Values Examination shall be conducted on 02-02-2024 (Friday)from 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM.
b. Environmental Education Examination shall be conducted on 03-02-2024 (Saturday)from 10.00 A.M to 1.00 P.M.
c. Samagra Siksha Vocational Trade Examination (NSQF Level-4)(Theory) shall be conducted on 22-02-2024( Thursday) from 10.00AM to 12.00AM .
d. Practical Examinations shall be conducted from 11-02-2024 (Sunday) to 20-02-2024(Tuesday) (10 days) for General courses and from 05-02-2024 (Monday) to 20-02- 2024 (Tuesday) (16 days) for Vocational courses in two sessions i.e., 9.00 AM to12.00 Noon and 2.00 P.M. to 5.00 P.M. every day (including Sundays).

AP Inter Exams Time table 2024 Pdf

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